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randy warner randy at geodetics.com
Mon Jun 23 19:36:42 EDT 2008


A pendulum oscillator is not that different. Basically it is a quartz
oscillator that is pulled by an electronic circuit, not unlike a VXVCO. As
any crystal does, it ages as it sits around, and depending on how well it
follows the characteristic curve for that particular unit the sooner it will
come into the proper frequency. The algorithms used in the VP are quite
slow, so if the frequency has drifted a lot you can spend a long time
waiting for the receiver to behave itself. Failing to wait for the receiver
can cause you to toss what is otherwise a working unit.

Note that this is not necessarily more than a "normal" quartz oscillator. I
can tell you some horror stories about supposedly "Good" crystals that
didn't even come close to meeting their advertised aging characteristics.
They all worked fine when they came off the assembly line, but had almost
random drift characteristics over time.



What is a "pendulum oscillator", and what changes while one is sitting idle?

Why does it change more than a normal quartz oscillator?

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