[time-nuts] Luis Cupido's Ref Lock and TAPR kit out of stock/availability. Anybody have one I can buy from them or know of replacement?

Ross T61AA t61aa at amsat.org
Thu Jun 26 02:56:50 EDT 2008

Dear All,

I am in need of one of Luis Cupido's Reflock II boards built or  
complete kit. I am running 2m and 70cm EME from Helmand, Afghanistan  
and need to get my PLL Rx/Tx GPS locked. I have the GPSDO with an  
output of highly stable 10MHz and 1 second pulses.

1. Does anybody have a TAPR REFLOCK II kit or built board they can  
sell to me and post to an APO (US) or BFPO(UK) here in Helmand?

2. Does anybody know of a suitable replacement kit/board that is  

3. Does anybody else have a suitable board for the PLL on an  

I would build if I could but there are absolutely no components here  
in Helmand and therefore would need a complete kit or a built board.

Thanks and 73


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