[time-nuts] Austron manual/schematic request (proper number this time) 1250a

Bill Janssen billj at ieee.org
Fri Jun 27 20:28:01 EDT 2008

Bruce Richardson wrote:
> Ahhhh, W0BJ went and checked and the item he has is an
> Austron 1250a.  He's been running it for years but it 
> recently died. He has pretty good repair skills and
> could use the schematic as a minimum.  The manual would be
> ideal. Electronic forms are just fine.
> Thanks
> Bruce Richardson W9FZ
Well I have two of those 1250A's and one manual. It hasn't been scanned 
though. I can scan it but there are a few fold-out pages.The important 
stuff is on those fold-out pages. Some one else may have the manual in 
electronic form.

I would suggest he check the batteries first.

Bill K7NOM

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