[time-nuts] Home built cesium clocks???

Predrag Dukic stijena at tapko.de
Sun Jun 29 04:50:20 EDT 2008


I need a primary standard, and hydrogen maser is not defined as such.

I am working at the University of Split, Croatia,

and I want to apply for Croatia's reference time and frequency 
reference laboratory.

At the moment that status is unassigned, because noone in the whole 
country thinks that is important or that it pays off in any way.

Every user that needs precise time or frequency relies on GPS, so it 
is not possible to find  budget for anything like this.

This is my personal initiative, and my own money....

I can use some equipment from other University labs, but that is all.


At 00:27 29.6.2008, you wrote:
>Predrag Dukic wrote:
> >
> > Microwave components are now cheap and easy to fabricate (thanks to
> > millions of GSMs GPSs and sat receivers).
> >
> > Optical pumping/detection is difficult because optical frequencies
> > (hundreds of THz)  have to be accurate and stable within 100khz (1
> > MHz at worst).
> >
> > Cesium itself is also difficult part: It has to be extremely pure (N6
> > or better), and filling it without contamination....could be tricky.
> >
> > Predrag Dukic
> >
>It would appear that constructing one's own hydrogen maser would be
>easier since purifying the hydrogen via a heated nickel or palladium
>leak is much simpler.
>Also the vacuum hardware is simpler and there is no need for a caesium
>detector etc.
>The biggest hurdle may be coating the storage bulb.
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