[time-nuts] HP5061A tube question

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Mon Jun 30 13:27:15 EDT 2008

Thanks.I'll Try Your Suggestions.I'm In Schertz Texas.> To: time-nuts at febo.com> Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 09:31:34 -0700> From: cdelect at juno.com> Subject: [time-nuts] HP5061A tube question> > Hi,> > The tube is in a vacuum so the ovens heat only has roundabout physical> paths to get to the outer case. If the tube feels warm at all at both> ends the oven and hotwire are probably working OK.> > If you have a T type thermocouple temperature meter you can connect it to> the copper and silver wires coming out of the potting and measure the> ovens temperature directly.> > Another way is to let the unit warm up for an hour or so, remove power,> and then quickly remove the tubes connection to J16.> Then hook an ohmeter from pin 9 of the removed cable to chassis ground.> > This is measuring the oven thermistor value and should be close to the> value on the tubes label.> > If that is OK then I'd recommend performing the low frequency test> outlined in the manual. This will help determine if the tube is gone or> not.> > Whereabouts are you located?> > Corby Dawson> ____________________________________________________________> Sweepstakes!!! > Enter for your chance to WIN a summer spa getaway!> http://thirdpartyoffers.juno.com/TGL2141/fc/JKFkuJi7Ujj5Y6Jd6H3JwcutoE5NToavXQ611tmhu7h03vCqu38rRH/> > _______________________________________________> time-nuts mailing list -- time-nuts at febo.com> To unsubscribe, go to https://www.febo.com/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/time-nuts> and follow the instructions there.
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