[time-nuts] Optical time sync

Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
Fri May 2 02:01:37 EDT 2008

Well, the generators are synchronized to the line, and the blade to
gearboxes may be the same for a common group of machines. Wind farms may
have a mixture of machines with different gearboxes for different

Groups of the same machine type will not be synchronized if they use
variable speed gearboxes to optimize efficiency.

The generators are coupled synchronous machines, almost always synched
to a
power grid - wind power is not as reliable as steam. But an isolated
farm might exist. If it needed to generate a fixed frequency then one of
the generators would be synchronized to a standard. The other generators
would lock to the stabilized generator for stable power distribution.
stabilized generator has to be large enough to keep the others in sync.

Bill Hawkins

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> Now these are quite impressive but what really caught my eye was one
>> with a Garmin hockey puck GPS antenna on top of it, I thought 'what's

>> this?'  I inquired of the sales rep lady at the booth and she 
>> informed me that beacons for wind farms are required to have 
>> sychronized beacon lights.
> Neat hack.  Thanks.
> I assume a GPS on top of a windmill has a great view of the sky.  How 
> much trouble do they get from multi-path off the blades?  Are they 
> metal or fiberglass?

I wonder if the blades also are in sync, either amongst themselves, or
with GPS, or with the power grid frequency.


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