[time-nuts] Thunderbolt Group Buy, part 1

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Mon May 5 10:52:18 EDT 2008

At 04:55 AM 5/5/2008 , Tom Van Baak wrote:
>About a year ago, when surplus Thunderbolt GPS receivers
>first appeared on eBay, several of us pursued the idea of
>a time-nuts group buy. We kept it fairly quiet at the time
>while we probed the source, verified actual performance,
>and negotiated quantity & pricing.

I've been meaning to re-activate the discussion on that deal.  This is a
very exciting development!

>1) Those of you who "pre-ordered" last year will get
>   email this week with instructions on how to submit
>   payment for the Thunderbolt(s) you previously said
>   you would like to buy.

Is there a semi-official list of these pre-orders?  

>I hope you agree the wait was worth it. Whether it's
>your first Thunderbolt or not -- this is an amazing deal
>for any of us. A lot of work went into making it happen.

I agree, the wait was worth it.  I'd like to thank those of you who made it

newell  N5TNL

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