[time-nuts] Rb Tube Life Estimate

Brian Kirby kirbybq at bellsouth.net
Thu May 22 20:27:27 EDT 2008

The monitor test points will not help you, except to let you know its 
operating correctly.

I had an FRK-L that the lamp failed.  I ran fine for 12 years (and it 
had more years on it, bought surplus).  It was working fine and one day, 
I noticed it was not locked.  I kept monthly logs and the data did no 
show any real changes.  When I opened the unit I could see the lamp was 
firing and running - but the optical pumping/adsorptions transition 
occurs in less than a single percentage point.  Most lamp failures occur 
because the glass gets a internal burned coating.

Surplus lamps are not too expensive (usually under $50 or so)...and a 
new one - back when Efratom was in business, they wanted $400.  I 
believe Symmetricom wants about 3 times that amount....

I can recommend Corby Dawson, who is on this list, should you need repairs.

Brian Kirby KD4FM

Richard W. Solomon wrote:
> I picked up an EFRATOM FRK over on the "dark side" and was wondering if there
> is any way to determine or estimate the life remaining on it.
> Thanks, Dick, W1KSZ
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