[time-nuts] 468-DC NBS Time receiver

Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
Wed May 28 23:12:57 EDT 2008

I have two of those beauties NIB (except for the razor slit where the
was removed) and one of the antennas, but no down convertor. TVB had
data on his site that it didn't look likely that it could be reused as
kind of slave display without rewriting EPROM code.

There are people on this list who find that exercise trivial, but I'm
one of them. But I can't bear to throw anything out that was once
I'm willing to give it away to a good home, though.

If there is hope for using that fine receiver, I'd love to hear about

Normally, I might prioritize such a project into the sub-basement level,
but there's a big Veit truck parked near a man-hole one house away from
A fault in a 30" storm sewer drain line into our pond caused a sinkhole
that threatened to swallow the neighbor's riding mower. So the City
Veit to fix it by inserting a thermosetting plastic liner into the 150
section of pipe that was failing. Can't have people falling into sink

Seemed simple enough, but they couldn't get the pond end of the pipe
so they built a plywood coffer dam and started pumping it out. They
the thermoset process at about 4 PM, with rain forecast for tomorrow.
pond pump and the hot water truck were still running at 8:30, so I asked
politely if we were going to get any sleep tonight.

Well, he says, we're recycling 180 F water through the boiler truck and
we've reached 180. Now we have to hold for two hours and then cool it
We ought to be out of here by 1 AM. At 10 PM, the house has a
smell of thermosetting plastic as the wind dies, and the noise is still
semi-continuous. I'm trying to attain an altered state where I don't
and going through my favorite mailing list.

Forgive me for rambling, but I thought you'd like a diversion from the
fare. Either that, or I've reached a state where I think someone could
interested. The plastic smell is really toxic.

Bill Hawkins
Bloomington, MN

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Thank you for the reply and the links to the resources. I may use this
as a slave display from another time generator. At least I will not
waste my time trying to get this to function as it was intended.


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