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Hi Claude:

For manuals info see:
and ordering see:

The enhanced LORAN-C adds a pulse after the existing group with a variable
time delay.  All the existing receivers will continue to operate.  Part of
the new system is using UTC as the basis of the time of transmission for
each station.  The old way was to operate the transmitters in "chains"
where the master station transmitted, then each of the slaves transmitted
after a specified delay.  Old navigation receivers only worked with a
fixed GRI, i.e. only listened to stations in the same chain, since that's
the only thing that made sense with a "chain" system.

But with the new UTC system ALL the stations you can receive i.e. an "all
in view" approach allows for better locations because of more stations.

For timing applications you want to only listen to the nearest station. 
The more distance between you and the transmitter the more variation in
the timing.  Now since each station is UTC controlled the accuracy of
slave stations used for timing should be very good.

I think a PIC can be used as an add on to any existing LORAN-C receiver to
decode the data packets.

Have Fun,

Brooke CLarke

> Hello !
> I'm new to the list and I have been offered an Austron 2100F receiver at
> a good price.
> Before jumping in, I have a two questions:
>    * I read that a new version of LORAN may come along soon.  Will my
> old receiver be instantly obsolete as a frequency comparator ?
>    * The receiver is priced reasonably because it needs repair.  I
> diagnosed it as far as I could and found corrosion in the power supply
> section, but I had to stop as I had no luck finding the manual and
> schematic, can someone help me ?
> Thanks for your help !
> Claude
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