[time-nuts] P word in my mails

Mike Naruta AA8K aa8k at comcast.net
Wed Apr 1 13:04:37 UTC 2009

Not to worry Ulrich, he was using a form
of derisive humor.  He was insulting Prologix
as undesirable.

It would be similar to referring to Microsoft
as the M-word.

Mike - AA8K

Ulrich Bangert wrote:
> Steve,
> after I read your mail I have been completely perplexed because I could by
> no stretch of imagination detect where you had found the aforesaid P word in
> my mail. It needed the help of some English speaking friends and a search in
> my last mails to find out that I have (possibly over a range of more than 30
> years) used an American 5 letter word in another sense than most/all of you
> seem to interprete it. 
> I HAVE seen the aforesaid word on some doors during my visits to he United
> States and I HAVE understood the meaning of the word in this context. But I
> swear that I have not been aware of the fact that the aforesaid word is used
> EXCLUSIVELY for the location behind these doors. If I had been aware of that
> I would have never used this word in a conversation because that is simply
> not my style. 
> Instead, I have been believing (and I swear this is the truth) that the
> aforesaid word is used by a gentlemen to address a group of other gentlemen
> just as a "Hi folks" among noble people but avoiding the highly offical
> salutation "Gentlemen", in a sense a laid-back use of "Gentlemen".
> Clearly this is a mistake of mine that I cannot other than to apologize for!
> If anyone of you has felt offended or in any other way been affected by my
> wrong use of this word: Sorry for that, that was NOT my intention in using
> this term. I have started a lot of my posts to this group with this word
> because of the high s/n ratio to be found here and the extremely well
> educated people in the group that I hold in high regard.
> Someone should have told me before! If you find this word in one of my
> earlier posts substitute it with "Gentlemen" because that is what was ment. 
> Thank you Steve for pointing at that. If you had not done it I would
> propably have used the word in a wrong sense for the rest of my life.      
> Best regards
> Ulrich Bangert
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>> This man said the P word without any form of apology :-)
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