[time-nuts] 74HC4046 receiver

Pete peterawson at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 9 03:52:48 UTC 2009


The jitter measurements were made via the DTS PER function.
This looks only at CH1 & the reference is the DTS internal
100MHz. OXCO. DTS-2075 jitter floor is < 3ps rms.

The Fairchild & National parts have identical datasheets &
spec SIGin sensitivity as 133mV @ Vcc=6V. The Philips
version specs SIGin sensitivity as 35mV @ Vcc=6V.

Fine idea to look at delta with 2ea 'AC04s driven from a
common source; I'll try it in the next day. Unfortunately, I
have no low jitter (<5ps) fast transition source to properly
drive the parts. It's still worth a look.


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