[time-nuts] OT favorite chip programmer/favorite ROM emulator

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 10 03:16:39 UTC 2009

By far the best programmer on the planet is still the Data I/O Unisite (followed by the 3980, 3900, and 2900 prorgrammers).  If a Unisite can't program it,  you are in bad shape... it probably can't be programmed.

Bad news is a refurbed Unisite will set you back $25,000 plus the cost of socket adapters and software.  Good news is with a little shopping around on Ebay,  you can possibly snag one for around $100.  

The trick is to find one with the socket adapters you need.  Also the more pin driver cards it has installed, the better (a full load is 17 cards/68 pin drivers).  Also,  one with the internal hard drive (aka MSM,  aka Mass Storage Module) is very desirable.  Booting from a (720Kb only) floppy can take several minutes. 

I have purchased several machines just because they had an adapter that I did not have.  Also you need to make sure it comes with a full set of programming software (generally,  the later the version better) because a current software set from DIO will set you back over $2000...

For more info,  check out Bruce Lane's guide to DIO machines on Ebay:

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