[time-nuts] Characterising frequency standards

Steve Rooke sar10538 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 12 23:54:37 UTC 2009

Hi Mark,

2009/4/13 Mark Sims <holrum at hotmail.com>:
> Hello Steve,
> Try this...  take Tom's sample data set,  run the numbers.  Then,  using a good random number generator,  make another data set by randomly throwing out half (or more) of the samples (to simulate a non ZDT counter).  Run the numbers again.  See how they change.  This should give you a good idea of how using a standard counter would affect your adev numbers.

But randomly throwing out data points would introduce ZDT. The whole
point I was making was that the data set is well defined the "missing"
data occurs every other sample therefore tau0 = 2 x (sample period of
each sample).


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