[time-nuts] GPS antenna installation problem

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Pipe / mast , the idea was to allow the feed line to exit the mast and be supported on the outside. A whole drilled in the pile would do as long as the bend radius for the cable is maintained, maybe drill the hole at a 45 degree angle or cut a vertical slot in the mast. Just don't reduce the strength too much with a big hole but if this was toward the top less strength is needed.

I like the foam idea but you would need a new mast if the cable needs repair later. The foam could add strength and reduce wind sway. 

Maybe combine the two, strengthen mast below the exit hole with foam and seal the exit hole with some foam that could be removed if necessary.


> Two or one tee connectors will allow the cable to exit and reenter. If
> your side arm is using a elbow now replace it with a tee. 

Thanks, but I don't picture what you are trying to describe.

Are you talking about tees and elbows in the pipe or cable?


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