[time-nuts] GPS antenna installation problem

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Mon Mar 2 10:22:03 UTC 2009

> Gaffa tape the cable to the supporting pipe with a small drip loop
> into the connector.

That assumes the cable gets to the outside of the pipe.  I was interested in 
the case where the antenna sits directly on the top of the pipe (not a 
bracket off to the side).

Some antennas are setup with the coax connector on the inside of a place with 
threads where the pipe attaches.  The coax has to go up the inside of the 
mounting pipe.  You can also use a bracket, but it's setup for the 
inside-the-pipe approach.

Here is a drawing:

For a setup like that, I don't see how to get tape or anything else inside 
the pipe, so the coax will end up hanging from the connector.

So the question is how much coax can you hang from a connector?

Clearly a foot or 3 is reasonable because you need that much for a drip loop. 
 How about 6 ft?  20 ft?

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