[time-nuts] GPS antenna installation problem

Richard H McCorkle mccorkle at ptialaska.net
Mon Mar 2 20:25:29 UTC 2009


The standard configuration for our local moutain top cell sites in
Fairbanks is a VIC-100 antenna with LMR-400 feed cable to minimize
RF attenuation at very low temperatures. A Symmetricom 4-port
splitter feeds dual sets of redundant timing equipment. The ATT
guys tell me that even at -60F they get reliable operation with
very few outages due to GPS signal loss.


> Bill,
> Is your signal degradation sudden or gradual as correlated
> with outside temperature?
> How well sealed is your outdoor connector? Maybe moisture
> or thin layer of ice at the cable-connector-antenna junction?
> Monitoring antenna voltage & current could be a good clue
> to the source of the problem.
> Those HP hockey puck or cone antennas are used in cell
> towers all over; it seems unlikely it would be the fault in the
> antenna itself. Richard -- do you see any of these on cell
> sites in Fairbanks?
> /tvb
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