[time-nuts] pi Day

Rex rexa at sonic.net
Wed Mar 4 09:57:55 UTC 2009

Tom Van Baak wrote:
>> I was reminded tonight that "pi Day" is coming on 3/14. That's fine, but 
>> a little inaccurate for our kind.
>> Suppose I want to gather with friends and buy a "round" or have a sector 
>> of pie to celebrate.  What's the appropriate time to honor?
>> Since 3/14 is not based on the value of pie but on its representational 
>> decimal numbers (I have no problem with that), then it seems the right 
>> time would be (to the tenth of a second) March 14 at 1:59:26.5 . Waddya 
>> think? Does that appropriately honor the irrational spirit of the number?
> Here one more alternative to your fine list of possibilities.
> If pi day is 3/14 then the "pi hour" of pi day could be
> 15.926535 o'clock, which is 15:55:35 (3:55:35 PM).
Signs of a serious time nut at work here. Thanks. Who'da thunk pi digits 
could turn into such a sweet decimal time number as 15:55:35? Your 
response was exceeding quick too. Was that just quick math on your part, 
or had you already been here for some reason?

With all the options, hard to decide when best to celebrate, but I do 
like the aesthetics of your numbers. (The deleted nanosecond part is 
good too.)

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