[time-nuts] Fluke 5440B Service Manual?

Richard Moore richiem at hughes.net
Fri Mar 6 06:02:56 UTC 2009

Hi, time-nuts. I know some of you are volt-nuts, too. I just got a  
Fluke 5440B DC Calibrator, which is a lovely instrument, and the  
service manual on the Fluke site has parts, layout and schematic  
pages out of order and/or completely missing (the operating manual  
seems to be OK). I know this because I forgot I had a guard lead  
hooked up to the scope and then I connected scope ground to the  
isolated chassis, causing a bad smell, a couple of blown fuses, and  
an unknown to me (so far) failure. In troubleshooting, I discovered  
the sad mess of the manual Fluke provides for free download. In one  
of the pages that is there, in BOLD CAPS it says not to do what I  

I checked with all the usual suspects on-line and no pdf book that I  
know to be good is available. There is a hard copy original available  
for $175, but I think that's a bit much. If any of you have one or  
know of one I can copy, or one in pdf, I would be *most* glad to have  

Dick Moore

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