[time-nuts] looking for data on Magellan 10 channel OEM GPS board circa 1994-1998

Eric Fort eric.fort at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 08:39:30 UTC 2009

I'm looking for data on what appears to be a magellan oem GPS reciever
which I removed from an older magellan aviation gps with moving map
display (unit was circa 1998).  The gps module I removed has "Magellan
systems corp, Copyright 1994 10 channel OEM" silkscreened on the top
side and a sticker on the bottom which says "23-80019-000 REV. L   S/N
004925"  right above 20-80011-000 REV. B" etched on the board as part
of the artwork.  Anyone have any idea where I may find enough data on
this board to give it new life in another project?  Google was unable
to find anything and Magellan "Support" was so abysmnal that I will no
just think twice about buying or specifying anything magellan in the
future `I would more than likely just refuse to have any part in the
use or implimentation.  Google had no results and Magellan "lack of
support" dept. was worse.  any help you can offer in finding data and
using this board in much appreciated.



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