[time-nuts] Reverse isolation

Lux, James P james.p.lux at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Mar 9 04:03:38 UTC 2009

You¹re thinking that the fiber optic transmitter and receiver pair provide
good reverse isolation?  Maybe.. At least you could separate them by 100s of
meters, so leakage isn't as big an issue. But what you gain in isolation,
you might lose in other uncertainties. TANSTAAFL


On 3/8/09 6:47 PM, "Don Latham" <djl at montana.com> wrote:

> Best isolation is via a piece of fiber optics.
> Don
> Bruce Griffiths
>> Lux, James P wrote:
>>>> Actually, it depends on the distance from the hot carrier, the
>>>> amplitude
>>>> of the hot carrier and the particular VNA in question. My VNA allows me
>>>> to change filters as well as integration time.
>>> And especially, where is the selectivity in the VNA's receiver?  You
>>> might
>>> have a 10 Hz filter, but if the receiver's front end is wide open, then
>>> the
>>> dynamic range requirement might be a challenge to meet.

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