[time-nuts] GPS disciplined mechanical clocks

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Mon Mar 9 07:27:07 UTC 2009

> Allied to this discussion is the Loomis effect, discovered by the
> American millionaire who had three Shortt clocks running in his
> basement. They synchronised unless aligned at 120 degrees to each
> other. I wonder weather they were shaking the bedrock, or maybe the
> gravitational attraction between the 10 kg pendulums may have
> synchronised them.   (See "Tuxedo Park" by Jennet Conant) He qualified
> as the first time nut. 

It's on page 67-68.

When I told that story to a friend today, he gave me one back.

If you take 3 old fashioned mechanical metronomes and put them on a board 
that is on a couple of soft drink cans for rollers, they will get in sync.  
It may take an hour...

Sounds like good science fair bait.  Are there similar demos?  Can you get 
two tuning forks to beat if held next to each other but get in sync if their 
bases are touching?  (or something like that)

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