[time-nuts] FTS 1200 9110 1000A-100 1000B pinouts here!

arie schellaars arie.schellaars at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 12 02:21:51 UTC 2009

Hi Time Keepers
Not quite an answer to the below question , but my own request for  TCXO pinout info
on my recent purchase on Ebay.
The TCXO unit was designated to go into a HP5340A unit but the circuit doesn't seem to match with my oscillator module.
The unit either gets warm or oscillates but NOT both together at the same time.
Can't get a 10 MHz signal out but know it's oscillating by listening to it
with a receiver.
Perhaps it's needs surgery as per recent discussions in this forum.
Or even may need special dual power supply , again as per recent forum discussions here.
The module was made by Bulova and has p/n of 0960-0153.
It has a 15 way edge connector  and a HP P/N of 05340-60036 on the module "mother"
Other info on the module states it needs +10 and +5vdc
 Hope some of you blokes can assist.
Cheers from down under.
Arie Schellaars

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Subject: [time-nuts] FTS 1200 9110 1000A-100 1000B pinouts here!
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Received: Sunday, 1 March, 2009, 1:02 AM

Well after re-researcing the pinouts again I decided to post this while
they are fresh.
These Pinouts are for units removed from FTS Cesium standards and were
verified by measurement in the standard.

PIN        1000B                1000A-100                1200            

1            EFC ground        EFC ground                EFC ground      
EFC ground

2           EFC +- 10V        EFC +- 10V             EFC 0 to +10V    
EFC 0 to +10V

3           coarse tune wiper       NC                        NC         

4           +12 pot ref. (10K)     NC                        NC          

5           Ground                    Ground                   Ground    

6           oven mon.                oven mon..              oven mon.    
       oven mon.

7           +28V oven             +18V oven                 NC           

8           +28V elect.             +28V                       +28V      

9            case ground                NC                        NC     

Hope this will help others!

Corby Dawson
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