[time-nuts] Question about specifications for Quartzlock GPS antenna down-converter

Russell Rezaian rrezaian at motorola.com
Sat Mar 14 15:11:39 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I have found myself with a GPS clock that is labeled as requiring a 
GPS down converter antenna.  It won't sync to any of my normal 
antennas.  Looks like it has an up-converter integrated into the 
receiver directly.

So far so good.  I think I may have found an antenna with a built in 
down-converter, so we'll see how well that works.

However, in addition, I just happen to have a Quartzlock GPS antenna 
down converter sitting in my office at work which I have never used 
personally.  It was handed to me a while back by someone who knows I 
am interested in such things.

Now I have no specs for this little grey box.  It uses an N style 
connector for antenna in, and a TNC  connector for signal out.  It's 
labeled with Quartzlock as the manufacturer, and shows their UK web 
site.  There's no model number designation I can see.

A few web searches have so far failed to show any references to 
specification documents.

So I am not sure what voltages it requires or supports.  There's no 
external power connection which tends to lead me to suspect that it 
expects to get power from the RF cables.

Has anyone used one of these?  Any pointers to reference information 
would be appreciated.


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