[time-nuts] Downconvertor spec for Quartzlock A8 GPS

Clive Green cgreen at quartzlock.com
Sat Mar 14 19:02:30 UTC 2009

The Quartzlock A8 series GPS T&F reference does use a down-convertor mounted
under the antenna. Contact Nick Law at nlaw at quartzlock.com for details. We
will service any unit, however old (we have never said “no longer supported”
in 45 years) The series were A8-B (bench instrument GPS OCXO) A8-RT, (1U
rack-mount GPS OCXO) & A8-M (2U rack-mount, metrology unit with high stab
rubidium oscillator) disciplined by the 100% carrier phase tracking RX. Most
problems were, as common with many GPS, poor antenna position or
cable/connector assembly, where the cable had been extended or water ingress
to down convertor (bike pump action) if connectors not sealed, we supplied
real of self amalgamating tape with each unit. The cable only carries 90MHz
& 10.23MHz with dc supply from the A8 GPS RX antenna input connector.  uP
now obsolete, so the line was replaced by current E8-X/E8000/E8010-Rb. E8-X
board level OEM units £295. Can replace more expensive A8(£5k….15k) Rb have
3yr warranty. Earlier manuals will be on www.quartzlock.com “soon”. 2nd
users will still have service.


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