[time-nuts] FEI 5680a status update

Dan Sawyer dansawyer at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 17 02:20:10 UTC 2009

Thanks for the pointer on the C-field. Yes, it aligns with the small 
hole in the case. A lucky 1/4 counter clockwise turn reversed the drift 
from 450 nsec per hour to 200 nsec in 10 hours. That accuracy begins to 
rival the GPS signal over the range. I plan to leave it alone for a 
couple of days. This unit is now performing very well.

Thank you. Let me know if there is anything would like me to look into.  
- Dan kb0qil

Mark Sims wrote:
> Hello Dan,
> I think the C-field pot is the one accessible through the hole in the outer cover.  If you don't have the cover,  it is on one side of the physics package can near the top, center.
> I never messed with the reset pin.  The RS-232  interface works just fine.  Most of my units are the version without the DB-9 connector.  They have the RS-232 level converter chip and use the S,F interface.   If you ever got any S,F data out of your device,  that is the interface that it uses.
> I do have one unit that is probably like yours.  It has the DB-9 connector (but I don't think it has the level converter chip).  It is set for 15 MHz.  I have not used it,  so I don't know any details...
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