[time-nuts] French Time offset

Jean-Louis Oneto Jean-Louis.Oneto at obs-azur.fr
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I don't have reference at hand but a long time ago there was a lot of 
national meridian references, but I think they disappeared by WWI or WWII in 
favor of the "International Meridian" in Greenwich. I agree that there was a 
Paris meridian (it is still engraved on a building of Paris Observatory, as 
well as San Fernando (Andalucia, Spain) was the reference meridian for 
Spain, etc.
As far as I know, Poland legal time is defined by UTC(PL), for USA, I'm not 
sure if it's UTC(USNO) or UTC(NIST), I believe that Germany is UTC(PTB);
I'm surprised that the _legal_ definition for UK is GMT, since there was an 
argument from British people that they cannot agree to suppress leapseconds 
in UTC without going to Parliament to change the definition for UK legal 
time. Any more insights ?
Have a nice day,
Jean-Louis Oneto
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> Thanks John, yes I'm real.
> The 1978 date is correct, I'm looking for the article to quote. Prior to 
> the decree, France maintained a roughly twelve and a half minute offset. I 
> always was struck by this as the BIPM is located in France, and has been 
> for many years.  Disagreement on the location of the prime meridian 
> perhaps?
> Wow, I didn't expect that much response for a trivia question.
> Regards to all;
> Rich
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