[time-nuts] Railway Time and Standard Time

Arnold Tibus Arnold.Tibus at gmx.de
Wed Mar 18 14:38:35 UTC 2009

Searching the WWW I struggled about 
the expression "Railway Time" and found some 
very nice bloggs. 

Local times:

    *      Oxford Time is 5 minutes 2 seconds behind Greenwich
    *      Leeds Time is 6 minutes 10 seconds behind Greenwich
    *      Carnforth is 11 minutes 5 seconds behind Greenwich
    *      Barrow is 12 minutes 54 seconds behind Greenwich Time


Occasional Train Blogging: Central European Time:

"The Clock in the Despatcher's Office at Hoboken is the standard
Conductors and Engineers must compare and regulate their watches
the standard time daily."

Instruction excerpt from Sussex Railroad:

"At one minute before 12 o'clock, week days, all other business 
will be suspended for the purpose od SENDING TIME. 
At precisely that moment the operator who sends the time will 
commence beating seconds with his key, and will do so until 
12 o'clock, giving every operator the chance to adjust his 
instrument. At precisely 1 o'clock he will commence saying 
"11'11," and then will continue to repeat this for one minute, 
and then sign." 

I could not read it perhaps correct what they sayd, but is this 
not a precise way for modern time synchronization?  (hi hi!)

If there are still discussions:
"New York Time is the standard, as indicated by the clock in 
Elisabeth Station." 
All clear?

read more lokking at above URL.


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