[time-nuts] Loran-C & French Clocks

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Wed Mar 18 23:01:38 UTC 2009

M. Warner Losh skrev:
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>             "phil" <fortime at bellsouth.net> writes:
> : This will answers all the questions.
> : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GMT
> Except that it doesn't answer much of anything for Magnus' questions.
> There's only 4 countries listed.

It also incorrectly identifies Denmark as UTC+1h when I know (as 
Poul-Henning pointed out many times before, and I read the law he 
pointed me to) it is GMT+1h.

I have considered traveling to Gudhjem which is the Danish village which 
is closest to the 15-degree line. When I am at my summerhouse, I am far 
closer to Gudhjem then Poul-Henning is when he is at home. Last time I 
checked, Gudhjem is the home of 777 soles.

It should be noted that there is many ways to write GMT, you can write 
it as GMT, Greenwhich Mean Time, Mean solar time at the Greenwich 
meridian (usually with ix15 degrees offsets) or just Mean solar time at 
ix15 meridian.

It is a bit humours that the Danish translation of the EC Directive on 
summer-time shifts defines the shifts between summer and winter time as 
occuring at certain UTC times where as only GMT based times is legally 
acknowledged in Denmark. Lovely. :)

I guess I am a nut-case to find humour in such things.

I am still wondering who would set up NTP servers that provides UT1 time 
in order to realize GMT over NTP. It would not be all that difficult as 
UTC-UT1R is published regularly with advance estimates which could be 
smoothed out and interpolated properly.


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