[time-nuts] Datum 9390 Problems

phil fortime at bellsouth.net
Mon Mar 23 20:17:00 UTC 2009

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Subject: [time-nuts] Datum 9390 Problems

>   On Mar 22, 00:00 UT, both of our Datum 9390 model GPS receivers/time
> code generators started producing erroneous day of year and actual year
> values.

Symmetricom could care less, no, in fact they are rather happy as they would 
like all that old equipment to be buried.

Firmware for that vintage is out of the question now. It is my understanding 
that newer receiver boards solved that issue. My question, could some newer 
generic receiver module be programmed/interfaced to replace that board? I 
don't have a component level manual on that receiver.

I too have a couple of those units that we use simply for the disciplined 
rubidium 10 meg out even though the week and year is and has been off for 
some time.

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