[time-nuts] Datum 9390 Problems

David I. Emery die at dieconsulting.com
Mon Mar 23 23:19:58 UTC 2009

On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 11:23:35PM +0100, Magnus Danielson wrote:
> > 	This Datum mini board was apparently at least one of the fixes
> > that Datum provided customers for the GPS date rollover bug - there may
> > also have been some updated firmware for the motherboard, I forget.
> Strange option to make a separate board rather than modify the firmware.

	I think the intent was to supply upgraded Trimble GPS receiver
cards eventually (or firmware for the existing one, which presumably
comes from Trimble) and this fix allowed the old unmodified GPS board
and the little PIC thingy to work with the same Datum firmware that
would also handle an upgraded receiver with more bits in its GPS week
output.   Maybe some Trimble receiver boards exist that do supply the
additional bits - it is not known to me if  all 9390s which were
upgraded used this particular fix.

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