[time-nuts] GPS IIR-20 Launched

Dave Ackrill dave.g0dja at tiscali.co.uk
Tue Mar 24 21:30:26 UTC 2009

Lux, James P wrote:

> A manager I worked for had the comment, when asked about focusing like a laser on something, replied: you want to be careful about thermal blooming.

I like that, I may steal it if I get a chance. ;-)

  > Warfighters, international users, commercial users, and civil users 
are all "stakeholders" and need their mention.  Just like in the Academy 
Awards (I'd like to thank the Academy, my producer, my family, my 
hairdresser, etc). I suppose that missileers, the original consumers of 
GPS services, fit in the warfighter category.

Ah, stakeholders, what's the definition of a stakeholder?

Someone who didn't pay for something, but thinks they have a right to it?

Or, someone who did pay for something, but has less of right to it than 
the people who paid more for it?

Or, someone who did, or did not pay for something, but is under the 
impression that someone said they had a right to it?

> And, you forgot improved capabilities.. That's not just efficient.. It means "better than those other services" in not so many words<grin>

The old advertisers words of "white", "whiter than white" and then 
"whitest white"

> If GPS is the gold standard, I wonder what the silver standard for Positioning, nav, and Timing is? Transit? What about celestial observations.

Like you say, can I sign up for, and then only pay for, the bronze 
standard, if that is all I really need?


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