[time-nuts] New GPS Signals

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Thu Mar 26 09:58:44 UTC 2009

MOSEL Sam skrev:
>> F0 is 10.23 MHz.
>>     Björn
> On earth. In the birds it's 10.22999999543 MHz.

Actually it is closer to 10.2299999954326 MHz... but only measured as 
such when the bird is on ground.

This adjustment is done just before launch to compensate for the fact 
that the gravitational pull is slightly less on the birds fligthpath. 
Relativistics makes the clock go faster up there, so tune it sour before 
letting it go will but it right when in place. If you where to measure 
it at its place in the bird, it is 10,23 MHz.


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