[time-nuts] Loran-C & French Clocks

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Thu Mar 26 14:49:43 UTC 2009

Hei Magne!

Magne Mæhre wrote:
> Magnus Danielson wrote:
>> So far:
>> UTC based: France, Sweden
>> GMT based (UT1?): Great Brittian, Denmark
>> I suspect several countries (such as US, Germany etc. etc) to be UTC 
>> based, but I do not know for sure.
> Norway is UTC-based as of 2008-01-01.
> The law on units, measurements and standard time:
> http://www.lovdata.no/all/tl-20070126-004-002.html#6
> |§6 Normaltiden i Norge er én time foran koordinert
> |   universaltid (UTC+1).
> | Kongen kan fastsette en avvikende normaltid for særskilte
> | årstider.
> (rough translation):  «The standard time of Norway is _one_ hour
> ahead of coordinated universal time (UTC+1).
> The King (i.e the cabinet) can decide to deviate and
> establish another standard time for given seasons
> (i.e daylight savings time)»
Clear enought. I assume there is a summer-time writing in there somewhere.
> Before this, we had the "Log um sams normaltid fyr kongeriket Norig"
> from 1894, which was based on an understanding of GMT, but not
> very scientifically written:
> «Fraa den 1ste januar 1895 skal mideltidi fyr den meridianen, som
> ligg 15 grader austanfyr Greenwich, vera det loglege klokkeslætte
> i Norig.»
> translated:
> «From the 1st of January 1895, the mean time for that meridian,
> that is 15 degrees east of Greenwich, be the legal time in
> Norway»
This is the same type of language used in the Danish law from the same 
vintage. It is a good example of how indirect reference to GMT may be 

L2C capable receivers should be able to realize UT1 from the CNAV data 
along with a number of other related timescales. We have 6 out of 31 
sats giving us this, so there should be no long gaps when this info is 
not available.


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