[time-nuts] Spectrum Analyzer for sale

Daun Yeagley daun at yeagley.net
Sat Mar 28 22:02:00 UTC 2009

Hi all.  My Agilent E4402B spectrum analyzer is for sale. I bought it new
when I retired from Agilent in 2003 for use mostly for software development
(it was my demo unit).

As you can see from the description, it has quite a few options, including
the support for the 89600 VSA software. (I have written some applications
for that).
I would like to see $15K, but will entertain offers for it. Note that this
was one of the last units built here in the USA before they moved production
to Malaysia.



Agilent ESA-E series Spectrum Analyzer
Product Number: E4402B
Serial Number: US41443072
Host ID: 55D29F84
Firmware Revision: A.14.01
Revision Date: Aug 30 2004 13:39:36
Bootrom Revision:310
ROM Size: 16777216 RAM Size: 33554432

1D6: Time Gated SA
1DR: Narrow Resolution BW
1DS: RF Preamp
B72: Expansion Memory
1DN: 3.0 GHZ TG. 50 Ohm
B7B: TV Trigger
1D5: Hi Stability Freq Ref
231: 89600 VSA Link A.02.00
227: Cable TV Meas. Personality A.02.00

Slot 1: A4H: GPIB & Parallel
Slot 2: Empty
Slot 3: BAA: FM Demod
Slot 4: B7D: DSP with fast ADC
Slot 5: B7E: RF Comms Hardware
Slot 6: Empty

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