[time-nuts] Simple PLL chips, gone ?

Bob Camp lists at rtty.us
Tue May 4 11:55:14 UTC 2010


The complex parts are now the low end. The high end parts have stuff  
like sigma delta on them. The 4001 from AD is about as simple as they  
get these days.


On May 4, 2010, at 5:52 AM, Luis Cupido <cupido at mail.ua.pt> wrot
> Hi,
> I'm looking for a relatively simple PLL chip
> like LMX1501 or similar.
> I mean, looking for a new design, that is something
> that is easy to source (known to be in production etc)
> recent/modern enough to provide a low phase noise.
> Is for VHF/UHF below 500MHz application and will
> be for MHz steps (no small steps required).
> Albeit reasonably low phase noise will be wanted.
> What seems to be available from An.Dev. and Nat.Sem.
> are way too unnecessarily complex and I would like
> it to not have a zilion registers to load via spi.
> (might use just a small corner of a CPLD to load it).
> Are the simple ones gone obsolete, or simple no longer in the
> web pages ???
> ok... I think you got the idea...
> I'm looking for the basic think...
> Any suggestions of what might be usable/available.
> Thanks.
> Luis Cupido
> ct1dmk.
> p.s. I know it doesn't matter to have a modern complex one
> as some microcontroller will be programming it etc etc...
> That I know already ;-) ... no need to tell me :-)
> but... if a simple ones exist why should I go complex !
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