[time-nuts] synchronizing a large number ofweaklycoupled oscillators

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Wed May 12 21:28:45 UTC 2010

> Hi
> If the oscillators all lock to each other, then multiple oscillators don't
> have any particular advantage. 
> Let's assume you can isolate them so they don't lock to each other. If they
> are all of similar construction in a similar environment, there is a very
> real limit to the advantage you would obtain, no matter how many you have.
> It turns out that's true at one level for simple crystal clocks, and at a
> very different level for atomic clocks. 
> Bob

Multiple oscillators locking implies that some energy is given
off by some clocks and received by others.

The modern way is simply to compare the clocks in isolation
and manage the ensemble as a paper clock, in software; no
injection locking in this case. You can create any mean you
want, weighted or not.

UTC is a good example of this.


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