[time-nuts] synchronizing a large number of weaklycoupled oscillators

Bob Camp lists at rtty.us
Thu May 13 21:50:18 UTC 2010


I think in this case we're talking more about phase coherent situations than about simple interaction.


On May 13, 2010, at 1:46 PM, Hal Murray wrote:

>> With physical oscillators coupling is limited by the speed of sound (in the
>> medium, with pendulum clocks wood is lots quicker than air with 3-4 km/s)
>> with electronic oscillators the speed of light. Latter means that their
>> distance has to be short enough so that they lie within each other's
>> lightcone within roughly the period of oscillation orelse they couldn't
>> possibly causally influence each other. 
> That doesn't make sense to me.
> Why can't oscillators interact if they are separated by multiple wavelengths?
> The control loop probably gets more complicated if the delays are longer, but 
> it's a periodic signal.  You can lock up with an offset of any integral 
> number of wavelengths.
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