[time-nuts] NTS-100 scored

Russell Rezaian rrezaian at motorola.com
Tue May 18 19:35:48 UTC 2010


The NTS-100 is almost identical to the 100i, save for the fact that i 
doesn't have the network management module (serial management only) 
and DOES produce time code on the serial port.

There was a link for the 100i manual on the Symmetricom web site when 
last I checked, and I found a link to a 100 manual also, but don't 
have the web site handy.

One thing to be careful about, there were several versions of the NTS 
100 family, some are GPS based, some actually DO sync to an IRIG 
signal instead.

So you might have a mistaken seller, and you might have one of the 
less common IRIG units without a GPS.

The Part number can usually disambiguate the different versions.

At 11:52 AM -0700 2010/05/18, Bruce Lane wrote:
>	My scrounging luck pulsed this morning, netting me a cheap ($47 with
>shipping) TrueTime NTS-100 from That Auction Site.
>	It was billed as a 'tech special,' in that the seller claimed 
>it powered
>up but he was unable to "get it to lock to an IRIG signal."
>	Unless I'm mistaken, the NTS-100 is a GPS-based device, yes?
>	I'm off to hunt for its manual, but if anyone has any words of wisdom
>(or wit) on these units, I'll listen. ;-)
>	Thanks much.
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