[time-nuts] NTS-100 scored

Russell Rezaian rrezaian at motorola.com
Tue May 18 20:39:09 UTC 2010

Hi Bruce,

I believe the NIC-215 is the IRIG model.  The 315 is the native GPS 
unit.  The ones I have seen are all the 3xx series and GPS based.

Since you have the 100i you may be able to just go to the Symmetricom 
web site to download a copy of the manual.  They still had it listed 
when last I checked a few months back.

The 100i is almost the same as the 100, but they added an additional 
module inside to allow network access (telnet and a Web GUI) to the 
configuration port.  You still have serial configuration access, but 
that also goes through the new module, so they added one or two extra 
configuration commands (to set the IP for the management module as 
well as the NTP server IP) and removed the serial time code.

I haven't tried it yet, but i suspect the serial time code is still 
available if you bypass the net management module.  I have enough 
other things that generate serial time code that I never found the 
time to verify this though.

Amusingly the management module has a 100baseT port, while the NTP 
server still uses 10baseT.  It's always interesting to see examples 
of product evolution like that.

I recall reading some posts to the list that were dated a few years 
back from someone who was experimenting with adding a Trimble OEM GPS 
rx board to an IRIG version of the 100 (an NTS-100 not a 100i if 
memory serves).  From my recollection I don't think he was 
successful.  I suspect the firmware on the NTS board itself is 
different between the IRIG and GPS units.

In addition, the GPS versions of the 100 series used a number of 
different GPS modules, most of them that I have seen were Trimble 
modules.  So again I am not sure how easy it is to mix and match 
sub-modules with these.

I've never personally see an IRIG unit, so I am actually rather 
curious about these :)

At 1:10 PM -0700 2010/05/18, Bruce Lane wrote:
>	In this case, I found out a little more. It actually is an NTS-100i,
>sub-model NIC-215.
>	I have no idea if this will eventually be good, bad, or 
>indifferent, but
>the price was right.
>	Thanks.

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