[time-nuts] Lucked out

Bruce Lane kyrrin at bluefeathertech.com
Fri May 21 22:31:37 UTC 2010

Fellow time-tickers,

	I lucked out on that NTS100i. No, it didn't have GPS (it was the IRIG
version), but the fix was very simple.

	To recap: The Ebay seller had said he was unable to get it to
synchronize to an "IRIG input" no matter how hard he tried.

	The solution: Turns out the IRIG version of the 100i (sub-model NIC-215)
has a hardware jumper setting for different IRIG code formats. I
discovered this when, on a whim, I fed the thing an IRIG-E stream -- and
it locked!

	Some further experimentation located the jumper. I fed the thing a
standard IRIG-B signal, then moved the jumper to different positions
until I got a lock.

	One quick set of modified rack brackets later, the thing is doing its
duty as a slave clock and NTP server, drawing its reference from my
Odetics 425.

	I would call this $47 well-spent. ;-)

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