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If the gps hasn't been turned on in a while, it will need to download a new ephemeris.  With the new ephemeris, it can 
find it position much faster because it will know pretty close where the satellites are, and how much to offset the 
tracking code.  I left the unit on for about an hour, but without the enable light, I suspect it was just idling waiting 
for commands.


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>> I am using a Garmin marine GPS antenna.  I  was under the impression the
>> unit would track on it's own, and the software was just for monitoring and
>> fine tuning.
> If it's like the Z3801A, it probably "knows" where it was last located and is
> having troubles trying to make sense out of the signals it's receiving in its
> new home.
> You need to tell it to do a survey.
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