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I guess my trying to put RS-232 in the "subject" line did not catch on. My
original EIA Standard RS-232-C is dated August 1969 and it claims to be a
revision of RS-232-B. It also says it was reaffirmed in 1981. There are I
guess newer versions now, as stated by someone else on here. Regards - Mike

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As mentioned in the wiki, the "standard" dates to 1969. The interface dates
to (at least) 1962. I would not be at all surprised to find that it's older
than that.  My first exposure was on Bell system modems, which were showing
up as surplus in the late 60's. The EIA standard was very much a "catch up
with" effort as opposed to a "design to" document. 

No, Radio Shack did not actually issue any version of the standard. They
operate at a level more appropriate to the standard than the EIA.


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