[time-nuts] Z3805 utility, Was: AW: (no subject)

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Sun May 23 18:05:26 UTC 2010

Robert Benward wrote:
> Bob
> Looking at al these pictures, I'm beginning to think I have a Z3801A, 
> not a 05A.  After a few hours, the unit still has not locked.  It is 
> possible the antenna is bad. I have a few more that I know are working.  
> I also took the precaution of connecting an antenna before powering up, 
> as  the manual says it will go into an extensive search mode if it can't 
> find satellites.
> Bob
it may go into extensive search mode regardless.. When was the last time 
it was powered on? How far did it move from where it was powered on to 
where it is now.  Mine seems to come back to life pretty quickly if it 
hasn't been moved and power's been off for a short time (a few weeks), 
but otherwise, if it doesn't get lock right away, it takes a *long* time 
to resync.  I think it waits to download a whole almanac, and then 
sequentially searches.  After all, "time to first fix" isn't a design 
goal for these things... they're on all the time.

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