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A good example is the good old 555 timer. A cmos 55 is 41 cents and needs a timing cap and resistor. A pic10f200 is 31 cents and needs no support components. You can also do fancy timing with the pic. I hate to say it but there is really no contest once you have the tools (free complier and a programmer for <$50). Just a shame it's killing analog skills.
Robert G8RPI. 

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Bob Camp wrote:
> Hi
> Strange as it seems, *stocking* the R's and C's can be an issue. There's also placement cost. Based on some of the numbers you see, the cross over point (IC to odd value R's and C's) is amazingly low. I'm not saying any of that's right, just that it's the way a lot of companies roll up the costs. 
> Bob
Not surprising.. the cost to stock, pick, place, solder is probably the same for a small IC and a R or C.  So, the only possible saving would be  if the IC is a LOT more expensive than a single or two Rs or Cs.

There might be a power dissipation difference, or a temperature range difference that would push you one way or another.

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