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Sat May 1 12:37:47 UTC 2010


What you will need to do is uninstall the driver for the FTDI device. Now
you will need to create a binary value in the registry by doing the

Go to START and select RUN

Type regedit in the filed and select ok to get into the registry

Add a REG_BINARY value called IgnoreHWSerNum to the registry and setting it
to 01.

This value is held in the registry key located at:
(Device VID, PID and interface}

For a default FTDI device ID (VID 0x0403, PID 0x6001), add the following
registry REG_BINARY value set to 01:


Now install the driver again. After this the com port should not increment.


James Leary
Support Engineer

If those don't help I can tell you the other darker places of the registry
to examine and poke at.  I had to make one of my programs "Idiot Proof".
Customers kept calling me up and asking me "What COM port do I have?".  I
always wanted to respond "How #$)*#)$ should I know?  It is your computer."
[It happened a lot, this group of customers were not Computer People.].
Instead I wrote my programs to always find the correct COM port for the
customer. I need to turn that into a DLL so other people can use it.

"Programming is a race between making programs Idiot Proof, so that any
Idiot can use it, and the Universe building bigger and better idiots.  The
Universe is winning."


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