[time-nuts] GPSDO for my rubber duckie

Attila Kinali attila at kinali.ch
Wed Aug 3 09:44:20 UTC 2011

On Wed, 03 Aug 2011 07:39:28 +0200
Achim Vollhardt <avollhar at physik.uzh.ch> wrote:

> Maybe I missed it, but did somebody think about the uBlox LEA-6 rx? has 
> two timemark outputs, which are programmable.. so you can have both 1PPS 
> and 1000PPS.

I thought the same when reading this "discussion".
The LEA-6T (only the T version) has two time pulse outputs, one fixed to
1PPS and the other with variable frequency up to 10MHz. According to u-blox
the precision is high enough for timing applications, but the documentation
they provide is rather simplicistic. Though, i guess that the precision
required in this application is met with a large margin by the LEA-6T.

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