[time-nuts] Weird TEC data

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Not only the laptops and their batteries.
Since most everything now has a switching supply with constant input power, when the voltage sags, the current goes up instead of down.
Does not help.

Didier KO4BB

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>     Still, elimination of TEC is idiotic.  [...]

Well, depends, doesn't it ?

If you care more about having antique timepieces  keeping time
somewhat ok when the grid is stable, it certainly is idiotic.

The bit of the above sentence should notice is "when the grid is
stable", grid stability is getting harder and harder to maintain
and being able to ditch one variable from the equation helps.

The new complications are stuff like:

	A city-block blackouts at a load of N kW.  X minutes later
	power is restored.

	It used to be, that you could expect it to come back in at
	not more than 1.1*N kW, because all the thermostats would
	be clamouring for power.

	Today, it comes in at 1.2*N kW, then four seconds later it
	jumps to 3.5*N because every laptop and UPS starts charging
	their batteries.

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