[time-nuts] Variation in Radioactive Decay Rate with Solar Activity

J. Forster jfor at quikus.com
Wed Aug 3 22:28:18 UTC 2011


That's why I suggested a scintillator, PMT, and SCA. The intensity of the
detected light pulses varies w/ the energy of the decay. The SCA has upper
and lower levels (a window) so only the decays of the wanted isotope,
lying in the window, are detected. Decay product events will be screened
out to a large degree.



Jim wrote:

> Don't forget that there are daughter products that have short half
> lives.  Radon and daughters can be collected easily with a coffee
> filter, and some of them have half lives in the "tens of minutes" range,
> and with a pretty simple counter (Aware Electronics RM-60, for instance)
> you can easily see the half lives of the daughters stacked up.
> http://www.aw-el.com/f_decay.htm

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