[time-nuts] manuals, anyone?

T. Czerwonka tczerwonka at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 00:21:34 UTC 2011

Hi all--

Long story short, a department at a university needs to get rid of a
bunch (5-6 file cabinets worth) of 80's vintage user and service
manuals for Tek (mostly) and HP equipment.  Oscilloscopes, generators,
etc.  70s/80s/90s vintage?

The guy in charge (not me) of this is really trying to do the right
thing and see if the university digital collections can scan them or
something like that.  No idea where that's going to go...but...

Modulo any copyright issues, are there any boatanchor-type manuals
needed by anyone and aren't available for download from the usual
suspects -- Agilent, BAMA, etc?  I know there are some vintage HP
manuals I've downloaded which are great -- but could use some better
resolution on a few key schematics...they're on *my* list...

Requests for the original hardcopy will also be noted.

If so, please take a moment and reply to me off-list and I'll make a
note of what's in demand.  I haven't posted anywhere else, but may
post on some other ham/microwave/vhf-type lists later.

I can't promise anything.  But I'll see what can happen.

--Tim WO9U
tczerwonka at gmail dot com

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